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This guide describes how to download transaction data for the purposes of reporting and reconciliation.

It will demonstrate using both the web app and the API.

Why reconcile?

Occasionally, a transaction request may time out or experience a connection difficulty. In that case, a transaction's result may be out of sync with the source of truth. Rebilly attempts to query and update a transaction's result when possible and appropriate.

In addition, some transactions are completed offsite. They may take anywhere from a few minutes, to a few days to complete and will have an updated result. It's important to know you can control settings per gateway account of how long Rebilly waits for completion of a suspended offsite transaction. The default value is 1 hour (3600 seconds), but it can be configured as short or long as you want.

If a transaction isn't completed before then, Rebilly cancels the transaction and marks it as abandoned.
It's important to be aware of that time window when it comes time to reconcile transactions.
For example, rather than grabbing transactions up to the minute, you may wish to grab them up to an hour ago, or more.

Sources of truth

The sources of truth are the payment processors. Rebilly tries to reconcile to have as accurate data as possible, so that Rebilly can be used a surrogate for a source of truth.

Rebilly queries transactions that were timeout or connection errors immediately, and again within a few hours if unsuccessful.

Rebilly also attempts to download and reconcile yesterday's transaction data to match it against our recorded data every day. Once that is completed, there is a field named isReconciled which will have its value set to true. If there is any discrepancy, there will also be a field named hadDiscrepancy with a value of true as well. Both of these fields can be used to support your own unique reconciliation workflow.